My name is Stephan Rohde and this is my personal website. Its goal is to share links, videos, news and thoughts on things that I find interesting. It’s also a platform to run some personal code projects that I do on the side before they go public.

Outside of writing code, I do as much cycling as possible. Mostly a mix of cross country/enduro/AM and downhill. I enjoy road cycling as well but prefer riding dirt. I also do the occasional running event.

I post things from time-to-time on Instagram and Twitter. I work at Sevenforty and also on GreenDot Parking. I've developed and maintained applications for Purdue University, NASA, the adidas Group, USPS, Harris and a range of other businesses and organizations.

I need a good developer, how can I get in touch?

To contact me directly, message me via stephan at rohmatic dot com.

What’s the theme of this site? Can I download it?

No, it’s not a theme and not available to download in an archived package. Just a minimal design I came up with that I feel enhances “readability”. I’m not a big fan of blog designs with a hundred widgets all over the place, cartoon-ish design, horrible fonts and all the usual rubbish. If you like the fonts, you can get them via TypeKit.

What programming languages/technologies do you use?

I’ve used a wide variety of languages and technologies, from C++ to JavaScript. In my day-to-day operations, it’s all mostly a combination of Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and jQuery running on Linux machines. Django is my framework of choice when developing web applications.

I’ve worked extensively with Java and it was my “goto” language in the past, however, these days I prefer to avoid it entirely. Call it death by layers of unnecessary abstractions.

Why bikes?

The flow and energy you feel on a bike is one of the most liberating experiences you can have. It will change your entire outlook on life while making you young again, no matter what speed or skill level you ride at. I don’t believe many things in life can achieve this quality.

What bikes do you ride?

All my bikes are custom builds. The frames I currently ride:

  • 2012 Yeti ASR-5 — Full suspension, 5 inch trail bike. My main ride.
  • 2011 Evil Sovereign — Hardtail mostly used for pavement riding or dry, hardpack fun.
  • 2009 Transition Blindside — The 8 inch DH sled and a blast to ride.

Past frames:

  • Kona Dawg
  • Kona Stinky
  • Specialized Pitch
  • Ragley Piglet
  • Cannondale M400 (my first good mountain bike I rode back in 93).